ECMs / ECUs for Nissan 240

Remanufactured Nissan 240 ECMs in stock
Call with part #s 800 241 6689 or text 903 216 6456

Everything is part number specific, so use the numbers found on your ECM and call us for price and availability. 

Rebuilt Nissan 240SX ECMs

A18 B92 G00
A18 B93 G01
A18 B92 G21
A18 E08 G91
A18 E27 G46
A18 E28 G47
A18 B93 G22
A18 F35 G17
A18 E07 G90
A18 E08 G91
A18 E87 G93
A18 E88 G94
A18 E28 G58
A18 H64 GA4
A18 E27 G76

Ship to us at: Foreign Auto Computer
- 140 Private Road 7869, Holly Lake, Texas 75765