Dodge Stealth ECU Repair & Return Service

$195. including return shipping, 5 year warranty

Call us at 800 241 6689 or text us at 903 216 6456

DOHC Twni Turbo VR4, DOHC non turbo or single cam, none of these escape the Mitsubishi leaking factory capacitors problem.

Send your ECU or TCU to us at the address below,
please tape a note to it with your name & phone #,
include a brief description of your symptoms.

When it arrives we will inspect it and call you with the results.

We have been restoring Mistubishi ECUs since 1998

Important Note: Specific to these Mitsubishi 6 cylinder ECMs
or ECUs for Stealth and 3000GT
In some cases, maybe 30% of the time or so, the verticaly mounted
"sub board" near the center of the board,  either the
MH0210 or the E552 is damaged and has to be replaced.

It is sometimes damaged by the electrolytic
acid from failing
capacitors, and other times one or two of the surface mount
processors on them will burn out. This can cause a dropped cylinder or more, including no start, & other drivability issues.

Cleaning it off, does not cut it for a repair.
The acid soaks in and degrades the metal on the board
Sometimes you can see the burnt component if you really look it over closely, the acid damage is much easier to spot. It will usually look oily, discolored or darkened in that area, usually with an oily  black or dark green type of corrosion to the copper lines.

This sub board is only available from another "donor" 6 cylinder ECM,
and that donor ECM will be useless after it is removed. 
We charge an additional $150. to sacrifice one of our other ECMs
to save yours, unless you can provide the donor board yourself.

Here is a closer look at one side of the E552 and M0210
sub boards. Both are found in many Mitsubishi 6 cylinder ECMs from 91 - 95

Ship to us at: Foreign Auto Computer
176 Private Road 7869  -  Holly Lake Ranch, Texas 75765

Acid damage from leaking electrolytic capacitors is extremely common in the older Japanese and Korean ECMs and TCMs from around 1990 to '96 range. This includes most of the Asian vehicles, such as Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Geo and even some Fords.

This happens to them all at some point, rarely does it have anything to do with an external source, this type of ECU failure is typical and to be expected from any electronic control units made from the early to mid nineties.

Our repair service will address the specific problems with your faulty ECM, also we will replace various passive components, as a preemptive net approach to protect the ECU or TCU, and ensure a long healthy life of reliable proper function.

Common part numbers
MD159965, MD159966, MD188205, MD190663,
MD192588, MD192589,

MD159963, MD190662, MD192591,
MD159962, MD188204,MD188206, MD192590,


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