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Nissan Altima ECU Exchange with 5 year warranty

Having trouble with your Altima ECU?
These are very popular Nissan ECUs.
For the Altima ECU replacement it is
usually the '99 - '08 year range that people need.
We sell them often, and we likely have your
Nissan Altima ECU remanufactured in stock.

Tenemos computadoras para reperar Altima con 5 años garantía.
(llamar con el numeros del parto. Puedes enviarnos tu computadora
para seguridad transfer gratis.)

Call us with the part number from your ECU
800 241 6689,
or text 903 216 6456
Like many other Nissan vehicles, the Altima experience a high rate of ECU failures. We stock these by part number and have most engine computer versions of this vehicle rebuilt and ready to ship out. Look for the part number on your ECU, it is very important to match the ECU for proper function. 

Buy from us and eliminate the need for reprogramming

Free Security Transfer! (Save a couple hundred dollars)
Any Nissan Altima ECU we can transfer the security coding
from your original ECU, if you want to send it to us.

This way you will not have to deal with any reprogramming,
which can be expensive and sometimes problematic.
We do this for you at no extra charge. 
But, i
f you just want to have it programmed, that is also fine.

You can buy a Altima ECU replacement from us and
have it programmed for the security after you install.
Or you can send us your failed ECU and we will transfer the security to the replacement you have purchased from us. That way no ECU "reprogramming' or "reflashing" is needed at installation.

We have a large number of Nissan ECUs in stock.
All of our Altima ECUs are remanufactured
with 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

Call us with the part number from your ECU

800 241 6689, or text 903 216 6456 


Engine computers - sometimes called:
  Altima ECU - Altima Engine Control Unit
  Altima ECM -
Altima Engine Control Module
Altima PCM
- Altima Powertrain Control Module
Altima EBX - Altima Engine Brain Box

Some Popular Nissan Altima ECMs, ECUs

JA18 F66 EZ2
JA18 H62 E3E
JA18 H60 E3C
JA18 K08 E7M
JA18 F64 EZ0
JA18 Q28 ZE0
JA18 F63 EY9
JA18 F66 EZ2
JA18 M72 Z71
JA18 Q29 ZE1
JA18 F77 EB3
JA18 H60 E3C
JA18 P49 ZD4
JA56 U04 E39
JA56 T79 E25
JA56 U06 E30
JA56 U91 E45
JA56 S49 E22
JA56 O66 E09
JA56 T77 E23
JA56 Q66 EO9
JA56 R07 E18
JA56 U03 E38
JA56 U04 E39
JA56 I10 6E3
JA56 P79 E02
JA56 Q98 E20
MEC35 020
MEC35 021
MEC35 521
MEC35 522
MEC35 523
MEC35 542
MEC35 563
MEC85 522
MEC85 523
MEC85 561
MEC85 562
MEC110 011
MEC110 012
MEC110 120
MEC110 140
MEC110 182
MEC110 260
MEC112 011
MEC112 013
MEC112 021
MEC112 013
MEC115 010
MEC115 021
MEC115 030
MEC115 031
MEC120 010
MEC120 020
MEC120 021
MEC120 030
MEC120 031
NEC120 080
MEC120 151
MEC120 152
MEC120 180
MEC120 190
A56 203 EJ4
A56 A62 EU0
A56 Z11 EK3
A56 C58 E4F
A56 C59 E4G
A56 C66 E4H
A56 C23 E2W
A56 X46 EF0
A56 X97 ED4
A56 Y12 EE5
A56 C66 E4H
A56 C67 E4J
A56 V45 E55
A56 V46 E56
A56 Y52 EF9
A56 Y53 EG0
A56 A08 EN8
A56 A68 EU6
A56 W14 E90
A56 Z07 EJ8
A56 Z14 EK6
A56 A58 ET6
A56 A69 EU7
A56 203 EJ5
A56 V46 E56
A56 V47 E57
A56 Y47 EF4
A56 B89 E10