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Rebuilt ECMs / ECUs for Honda Civic

Remanufactured Honda Civic ECMs in stock, as well as repair and return service for some of the older units

Call us with your part #s  903 636 4081 / 800 241 6689

The Civic has been around a long time, due to its popularity we sell a wide range of replacement ECMs for the various versions of this car.

Everything is part number specific, so use the numbers found on your ECM and call us for price and availability, all Honda ECMs start with 37820 -...-...

We can transplant the anti theft programming from your original ECM, and move it over to a rebuilt ECM. You can then install the replacement yourself with no "reflash" / - no reprogramming.

Ship to us at: Foreign Auto Computer
- 176 Private Rd. 7869, Holly Lake, Texas 75765