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Having Idle Issues with your Nissan Maxima ECU?

Maxima ECU Repair and Return Service is $250.
includes return shipping - 5 year warranty.

We do not normally keep repairs more than a day or so.

This page is specifically about Nissan Maxima ECUs, usually 2000 - 03 range, that have been damaged by the Idle Air Control Valve shorting out, often burning the circuit board.

Usually the Nissan Maxima ECU that
  has been damaged by the IAC will still be in repairable condition.
It depends on the extent of the damage to the ECU, some are worse than others, but most units can be restored.

You must Replace failed IAC with brand new Hitachi IAC
or the overhauled ECU you receive back from us
would be damaged by it after re-installation.

Send your Maxima ECU to us at the address below,
please tape a note to it with your name & phone #,
include a brief description of your symptoms.
Please don't send us your mounting brackets,
just the ECU like the pic above.

After it arrives we will inspect it and call you to notify you.

No reprogramming is needed when re installing your ECU

We charge $35. for inspection plus return shipping cost
(but only if there is no sale or repair)

If your ECU is not repairable for what ever reason,...

We have Rebuilt ECUs for Nissan Maxima in stock.
  Call us with your part #s 800 241 6689 or text 903 216 6456 

  If you purchase a Nissan Maxima ECU from us,
you can send in your original ECU and we will transfer the
security programming for you at no additional charge.

This way you will not have to deal with any reprogramming,
which can be expensive and sometimes problematic.

Buy from us and eliminate the need for reprogramming

We have a large number of Nissan ECUs in stock.
All of our Maxima ECUs are remanufactured
with 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.


Nissan Maxima ECMs

A56 A14 Z0D 
A56 A21 20E
A56 A51 ZZ5
A56 C69 Z0U
A18 C85 EX9
A56 E47 Z1C
A56 F43 Z1E
A56 F44 Z1F
A56 G76 Z1M
A56 G77 Z1N
A56 H92 Z1T
A56 J41 Z2E
A18 K53 E8U
A56 M29 Z02
A56 M33 Z06
A56 M35 Z08
A56 094 Z0X
A56 P34 Z45
A56 P37 Z48
A56 P38 Z49
A56 P54 Z55
A56 P55 Z56
A56 P57 Z58
A56 Q13 Z90
A56 Q15 Z92
A56 Q16 Z93
A56 Q77 Z98
A56 Q79 ZA0
A56 Q80 ZA1
A56 T09 ZK5
A56 Y65 ZZ9
A56 Y67 Z0B
A56 U83 E43
A56 R00 ZC1
A56 R61 ZE5
A56 R63 ZE7
A56 R64 ZE8
A56 T08 ZK4
A56 T09 ZK5
A56 T10 ZK6
A56 T69 ZP8
A18 S32 ZH8
A56 S55 ZG8
A56 S56 ZG7
A56 S86 ZJ7
A56 Z89 Z0C
A56 E48 Z1D
A56 D95 Z0Y
A56 D94 Z0X
C56 W66 ZT8
C56 W56 ZS6