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Nissan Pathfinder ECU replacement with 5 year warranty

Having trouble with your Pathfinder ECU?

We have Rebuilt ECUs for Nissan Pathfinder in stock.
  Call us with your part #s 800 241 6689 or text 903 216 6456 

  If you purchase a Nissan Pathfinder ECU from us,
you can send in your original ECU and we will transfer the
security programming for you at no additional charge.

This way you will not have to pay for any reprogramming,
which can be expensive and sometimes problematic.

Buy from us and eliminate the need for reprogramming

We charge $35. for inspection plus return shipping cost
(but only if there is no sale or repair)

Rebuilt ECUs for Pathfinder in stock.
Call us with your part numbers for price and availability


Like other Nissan vehicles in this year range, the Pathfinder models do experience a fairly high rate of ECU failures.
We stock the Pathfinder ECU by the MEC part number found on the sticker.

We have most of the engine computer versions of this vehicle,
rebuilt on the shelf and ready to ship out, with 5 year warranty.

Look for the MEC number on your ECU, it's very important to match the appropriate replacement ECU for proper function.

Free Security Transfer! - Included with ECU purchase
(Some will save hundreds of dollars with this valuable and convenient benefit)

Any Nissan Pathfinder ECU we can transfer the security coding
from your original ECU, if you want to send it to us.

We offer this service to you at no extra charge 
But, i
f you want to have the security (NATS, Nissan Anti Theft System) programmed on your end, after you receive and install it,
that is fine with us, we can just ship it out for you.

Many Nissan dealers and some repair shops choose to program our replacement ECU themselves, rather than send theirs in.
That is alright with us, just tell us that is what you want.

We have a large number of Nissan ECUs in stock.
All of our Pathfinder ECUs are remanufactured
with 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

Pathfinder Engine computers, also sometimes called-
Pathfinder ECU - Pathfinder Engine Control Unit
ECM - Pathfinder Engine Control Module
  Pathfinder PCM
- Pathfinder Powertrain Control Module
  Pathfinder EBX - Pathfinder Engine Brain Box

Some Popular Nissan Pathfinder ECMs

MEC14 351
MEC14 355
MEC14 345
MEC14 346
MEC14 340
MEC14 341
MEC14 170
MEC14 171
MEC31 320
MEC31 321
MEC31 330
MEC31 732
MEC35 733
MEC35 751
MEC35 752
MEC35 753
MEC36 010
MEC36 020
MEC70 000
MEC70 100
MEC70 101
MEC70 102
MEC70 500
MEC70 501
MEC71 001
MEC71 010
MEC71 030
MEC71 041
MEC71 100
MEC71 101
MEC71 102
MEC71 361
MEC71 C10
MEC77 250
MEC77 260
MEC77 280
MEC77 290
MEC80 460
MEC80 461
MEC80 462
MEC80 470
MEC80 471
MEC128 220
MEC128 230
MEC128 320
MEC150 210
MEC150 400
MEC150 450
MEC150 460
MEC150 550
MEC150 560