Having trouble with your SC400 ECU?

We have rebuilt Lexus SC400 ECMs in stock
         Call us with your part #s 800 241 6689       

On Lexus ECUs we can transfer the security & VIN code for you.
This way you will not have to deal with any reprogramming,
which can be expensive and sometimes problematic.

Everything is part number specific, so use the Lexus part numbers found on your ECM and call us for price and availability at 800 241 6689, or  text 903 216 6456.  

Rebuilt Lexus SC400 ECMs

89661 - 24230
89661 - 24231
89661 - 24240
89661 - 24350
89661 - 24360
89661 - 24370
89661 - 24410
89661 - 24451
89661 - 24480

The early to mid nineties S400 ECMs are prone to failure due to the electrolytic capacitors in the ECM. They will leak a corrosive chemical on to the board, and over time it eats through the copper traces which brings on the vehicles faulty symptoms corresponding to the areas effected.. These are usually repairable, but there are times that the damage is just too much, some ECM, ECU units must be declined
due to the amount of damage.

A newer year model ECM for this vehicle would not suffer
the same type of capacitor failure issues.

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