Nissan Titan ECU Exchange with 5 year warranty

Having trouble with your Titan ECU?
These are very popular Nissan ECUs.
For the titan ECU replacement it is
usually the 2007 - '09 year range that people need.
We sell them often, and we likely have your
Nissan Titan ECU remanufactured in stock.

Tenemos computadoras para reperar Titan con 5 años garantía.
(llamar con el numeros del parto. Puedes enviarnos tu computadora
para seguridad transfer gratis.)

Call us with the MEC part number from your ECU
800 241 6689, or text 903 216 6456

Like many other Nissan vehicles, the Titan models
experience a high rate of ECU failures.
We stock these by part number and have most
versions of this vehicle rebuilt and ready to ship out.

Look for the MEC part number on your ECU,
it is found on the Hitachi sticker.
It is very important to match numbers with the appropriate
ECU for your Nissan Titan to function properly.

Buy from us and eliminate the need for reprogramming

Free Security Transfer! (Save a couple hundred dollars)
Any Nissan Titan ECU we can transfer the security coding from your original ECU, if you want to send it to us.

This way you will not have to deal with any reprogramming,
which can be expensive and sometimes problematic.
We do this for you at no extra charge. 
But, i
f you just want to have it programmed, that is also fine.

You can buy a Titan ECU replacement from us and
have it programmed for the security after you install.
Or you can send us your failed ECU and we will transfer the security to the replacement you have purchased from us. That way no ECU "reprogramming' or "reflashing" is needed at installation.

We have a large number of Nissan ECUs in stock.
All of our Titan ECUs are remanufactured
with 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

Call us with the MEC part number from your ECU
800 241 6689, or text 903 216 6456

Engine computers - sometimes called:
Titan ECU - Titan Engine Control Unit
Titan ECM -
Titan Engine Control Module
Titan PCM
- Titan Powertrain Control Module
Titan EBX - Titan Engine Brain Box

  Some popular Nissan Titan ECMs
MEC33 631
MEC33 650
MEC33 651
MEC33 661
MEC33 670
MEC33 671
MEC73 241
MEC73 251
MEC73 271
MEC73 311
MEC73 711
MEC73 712
MEC73 721
MEC73 742
MEC73 752
MEC73 753
MEC73 771
MEC73 801
MEC73 811
MEC73 831
MEC73 943
MEC73 981
MEC74 021
MEC74 022
MEC74 041
MEC74 042
MEC74 224
MEC74 231
MEC74 241
MEC74 281
MEC74 282
MEC74 292
MEC74 294
MEC74 464
MEC74 481
MEC74 591
MEC74 592
MEC74 701
MEC75 241
MEC75 320
MEC75 321
MEC75 480
MEC83 630
MEC83 631
MEC83 650
MEC83 690
MEC83 670
MEC84 010
MEC84 020
MEC84 021
MEC84 031
MEC84 180
MEC84 181
MEC84 190
MEC84 200
MEC84 201
MEC74 210
MEC84 230
MEC86 270
MEC86 280
MEC86 281
MEC86 290
MEC86 300
MEC86 320
MEC175 130
MEC175 200
MEC175 250
MEC175 360
MEC175 481