ECU Repair & Return Service for Jaguar
'97 - '98 XJ8, XK8 -

Specifically ECU part #s LNJ410AK, and LNJ1410AN

These ECUs usually arrive due to problems caused by the electrolytic capacitors leaking on the board. No symptoms at first ,but over a period of time, it is a corrosive chemical soaking into the clear coat, and then eventually eating up the copper lines, and the metals of any components that were saturated.

Our repair service will address the specific problems with your faulty ECU, but we also will replace various passive components, as a preemptive net approach to help protect the ECU and ensure a long healthy life of reliable proper function.

We usually only keep it one or two business days, depending on time of arrival and the amount of time and attention any particular ECU is going to require. The damage on these can vary quite a bit, so it's all about what we have to work with when we open it up. 

Send your Jaguar ECU to us at the address below,
please tape a note to it with your name & phone #,
include a brief description of your symptoms.
When it arrives we will inspect it and call you to notify you.

No reprogramming is needed when re installing your ECU

We charge $35. for inspection plus return shipping cost
(but only if there is no sale or repair)