Rebuilt Honda Accord Wagon TCMs - Only $295. - 5 year warranty

Known as the TCM or TCU, the transmission controler in the 
'90-'93 Honda Accord Wagons are prone to failure. We stock these due to popularity, and have most of these part #s in stock ready to ship.

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Transmission computers, these are TCMs or TCUs for early 1990s Honda Accord Wagon.

28100 PX0 A03 M1, 28100 PX0 A11 M1, 28100 PX0 A12 M1, 28100 PXO A21 M1, 28100 PX0 A22 M1, 28100 PX0 A31 M1,28100 PX0 A32 M1

Below is a severe example of what often happens to your Accord TCM -transmission computer. Sometimes the capacitors will simply corrode and destroy the printed copper traces on the circiut board without the resistors or capacitors catching the TCU on fire.

Symptoms will vary depending on how the failure is taking place, or where the corrosion is settling in. Trouble shifting, S or D light issues and high gear only (fail safe mode) are indicators that something is happening with the TCM.