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Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Infiniti, Jaguar, VW, Audi, BMW, Volvo 

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Send your ECU or TCU to us at the address below,
please tape a note to it with your name & phone #,
include a brief description of your symptoms.

When it arrives we will inspect it and call you with the results.

 Ship to us at: Foreign Auto Computer
176 Private Road 7869  -  Holly Lake Ranch, Texas 75765

An older ECM or TCM is more likely to have repairable
circuit board damage than the newer models.

It is due to the design, it's the way they are made.

Acid damage from leaking electrolytic capacitors is common in the older ECMs and TCMs in the 1990s.This includes most of the Asian vehicles, such as Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Suzuki, Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Acura, Mazda, Geo & some Ford.

Our repair service will address the specific problems with your faulty ECM or TCM, but we also will replace various passive components, as a preemptive net approach to protect the ECU or TCU, and ensure a long healthy life of reliable proper function.

We commonly see Nissan Maxima & Infiniti I30 ECUs
that have been burnt by the Idle Air Servo, or IAC motor.
Eventually the idle air controlers short out and
the Maxima and I30 ECM always take the hit.
We restore these ECMs to full operation regularly.

The Hyundai Tiburon Body Contol Module is very common.
The module fails and the flashers / turn signals get stuck.
These are usually no problem to correct all the issues,
but sometimes we also find water damage in these,
as well as the expected failed relays.
Most any Hyundai Tiburon BCM that is water damaged
will need to be replaced.

The ECU for the Jaguar XJ8 & XK8 are fairly popular.
Some Denso made Jag ECMs ( LNJ1410AK ) will almost always have acid damage on the circuit board from the original factory capacitors, which is usually repairable, depending on the extent of the corrosion, and the specific area of the board effected.
However the LNE, LNG, and LNF series we usually just replace the ECU and transfer the security to eliminate the need to reprogram the ECU when it is installed.

'93 - '97 Lexus LS400 is another group of popular
Denso made ECUs that we repair on a regular basis.
These also are subject to the damage caused by the
corrosive chemical leaking from the failing capacitors.

The ECM for the '92 - '96 Lexus SC300 & SC400
also in high demand, very common to fail.
Acidic corrosion is the culprit as usual,
and sometimes these simply must be replaced
due to the degree of damage on the board.
These have on average around 8 electrolytic capacitors
on the two circuit boards contained within the ECU.

We can fully restore a wide variety of Asian and European automotive electronic control units.
Ship to us at the address below.

s technology progresses, the newer ECUs & TCUs,
just like all other computer electronics, have consolidated
more and more parts into the micro processors.

So many of the issues in those newer
electronic control modules can not be isolated for repair.
ECU replacement is the only option in many cases.

Call with your part #s 800 241 6689
or text us at 903 216 6456

We charge $35. for inspection & return of your part
(but only if there is no sale or repair)

 Ship to us at: Foreign Auto Computer
176 Private Road 7869  -  Holly Lake Ranch, Texas 75765

Popular units include LS400 ECM, SC300, SC400, ES300, Camry, 4Runner, Titan, Pathfinder, Tunrda, QX4, Frontier, Xterra, Corolla, MR2, Supra, Tacoma, RX300, Sentra, Maxima, Infinity I-30 ECM, S Type, X Type, XJR, XK8, XJ8, ECU