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Buy from us and eliminate the need to reprogram.

We sell and service many ECMs, ECUs for Mazda vehicles.

We cover a wide range of Mazda ECMs from almost every model Mazda made vehicle from the late '80s up to around 2012 or so, including Mazda 6, Millenia, 626, Tribute, MPV, B2600i, B2200i, Navajo & more.


626 ECMs

Protoge' ECMs

MPV (4cyl.)

 B2200i ECMs

 B2600i ECMs

 -  Not all ECMs, ECUs are repairable  -
Some ECMs, ECUs are just not good candidates for repair.
Many control units must be completely replaced, due to the type of failure they have experienced.and yet other ECMs, ECUs are almost always in repairable condition.

We charge $35. for inspection & return of your part
(but only if there is no sale or repair,)

  - Factory security - Anti Theft Systems - 
Most all vehicles after 1998 have an anti theft immobilizer security system in place that communicates with the ECM, ECU and with your key. Reprogramming the immobilizer, ECM & key together is normally required after installation when an ECM, ECU is being replaced. 
We may be able to help you by moving the anti theft data from your original ECU to a rebuilt replacement ECM!

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