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Dodge Stealth - SOHC, DOHC nt, and VR4 Twin Turbo

 We have a large inventory of rebuilt Mitsubishi made ECMs, ECUs for Dodge Stealth
  Call with your part #s 800 241 6689 903 / 636 4081  

Mitsubishi made ECMs for Dodge Stealth
Includes Mitsubishi ECM, ECU part #s listed below

SOHC 3.0 Fed MD153354, MD153355, MD188207, MD192593

DOHC 3.0  Fed MD159963, MD190662, MD188204, MD192591,
Cal. MD159962, MD188206, MD192590

DOHC Twin Turbo VR4
MD159966, MD190663, Cal. MD159965, MD188205

Rebuild and Return your Dodge Stealth ECM, ECU for only $195.
  5 year warranty, return shipping included

 Rebuilt Dodge Stealth ISC motors for 3000GT $150. 

 We also rebuild & sell ECS modules for Stealth $150. 

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