Dodge Stealth - SOHC, DOHC nt, and VR4 Twin Turbo - /    California or Federal emissions

Higher quality replacement parts are used in the ECM ECU rebuilding process to ensure a long life and better performance of the control unit.

Most of our Stealth ECM inventory is comprised of rebuilt units that were purchased by us in good working condition, not as failed cores to be repaired.

ECU repair and return service or sales from our extensive inventory, we take pride in our work and the delivery of a reliable quality product.

Call us with your part #s for price and availability
800 241 6689  

All parts and services have an unlimited mileage 
warranty for 18 months

Upgrade any part to a five year warranty for an additional $39.




 We have a large inventory of rebuilt ECMs ECUs for Mitsubishi 3000GT
Call us with your part #s for price & availability at 800 241 6689

Mitsubishi made ECMs for Dodge Stealth
Includes Mitsubishi ECM, ECU part #s listed below

SOHC 3.0 Fed MD153354, MD153355, MD188207, MD192593

DOHC 3.0  Fed MD159963, MD190662, MD188204, MD192591,
Cal. MD159962, MD188206, MD192590

DOHC Twin Turbo VR4
MD159966, MD190663, Cal. MD159965, MD188205




Rebuild and Return your Dodge Stealth ECM, ECU for only $195.
18 month unlimited mileage warranty, return shipping included

Rebuilt Dodge Stealth ISC motors for 3000GT $150.

We also rebuild & sell ECS modules for Stealth (elecrtonic controled suspension)

The Dodge Stealth ECM is something we recieve for repair just about every day.
Its ve
ry common for us to see these come in suffering from acid damage
due to the electrolytic capacitors, regardless of the mileage of the vehicle.
We have them rebuilt in stock ready to ship, and also offer a fast economical
rebuild and return service for $195. including return shipping.

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Our Mitsubishi made ECM repair, ECU rebuilding service is an economical alternative to purchasing a replacement.
$195. including return shipping - 18 month warranty - unlimited mileage
Send in your computer with your contact information and we will call you for billing info when it arrives.


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